Home Massage

Home Massage is an ideal treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Simply give us a call on 0207 175 0081 and let us know where you live and when you would like your massage. We will then send round a friendly and experienced masseuse to your house, while you can relax and let the stresses and strains of life float away.

Why have a Home Massage?

Home Massage is a relatively new service that enhances the relaxing benefit of traditional massage. Instead of having to drive or commute via public transport to reach a massage salon, simply let the masseuse come to you. What could be better than a relaxing, stress-freemassage for an hour or two in the comfort of your own home?

Massage can help relax both mind and body, and it is natural to want to prolong the benefits by taking things easy in the hours after your massage. The problem with traditional massage is that whenever your session is finished, you generally have to immediately jump up, get clothed, move from a quiet and dimly-lit room into a busy, bright, noisy environment, and fight the crowds to make your way home before you can put your feet up.

Instead, with a Home Massage service you can book your massage by phone, and then at the alloted time simply answer your front door to let in your specially trained home massage therapist.
Your masseuse will discuss your chosen treatment with you, make sure you have a suitably relaxing environment for your massage, then begin gently stroking and kneading your tension and worries away.
When your massage is finished you don’t even need to move – our masseuse can simply let herself out, leaving you to enjoy being in an extremely relaxed and peaceful state.

Who Is Home Massage For?

Home Massage is suitable for anyone and everyone. Although it is very popular with busy workers in the centre of London, who perhaps don’t have the time to visit a traditional spa venue during working hours, it can be enjoyed by all.

Some people think that Home Massage is only available for people with injuries or infirmities that may prevent them from leaving the house – which isn’t true. Actually, Home Massage can be enjoyed by anyone, whether you are:

-stressed out with work
-feeling the need for a bit of time away from the kids
-fatigued or sore following exercise
-aching because of postural problems
-generally run down
-feeling in need of some pampering
It is a fantastically indulgent feeling knowing that when you return home after a long hard day, you will be treated to an invigorating massage treatment later that evening. And it makes a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

How Much Does Home Massage Cost?

Again, there is a myth that Home Massage services are very expensive – this simply isn’t the case. With prices starting at just £49 for a 1 Hour Massage delivered in your home, and just £89 for a 2 Hour Massage, our visiting massage service is actually less expensive than most equivalent London spas.

Unlike other Home Massage companies, Vessy Massage do not charge extra for different treatments, such as aromatherapy massage or hot stone massage. There is just one low price for all treatments – with no hidden extras.

How do I Book a Home Massage?

We have tried to take all the hassle out of booking your Home Massage. Simply call us now on 0207 175 0081 and tell us where and when you would like your massage. We will briefly discuss your chosen type of massage and confirm your booking there and then over the phone. You pay your therapist directly, at the end of your massage.