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We Come To Your Home

We Come To Your Home

We travel to your home or office to save you the inconvenience of travelling.
0207 175 0081

0207 175 0081

Call now to book your massage.  Pay your masseuse in cash when they have finished massaging you.
Relax & Enjoy

Relax & Enjoy

Our friendly masseuses will relax you with an enjoyable massage.

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We Come To You – our masseuses travel to your home or office to save you the hassle of travelling.

Call 0207 175 0081 now to book – simply pay your masseuse in cash when your massage is over.

Relax & Enjoy – Our friendly and professional masseuses will relax you with an enjoyable and relaxing massage.

Just £49 for a whole hour of relaxing massage at home tonight…

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How to Book a Home Massage

Swedish Massage

Booking a massage with Vessy Massage is easy: – call us on 0207 175 0081 (after noon) – tell us where in London you are – tell us when you would like your massage – simply pay in cash when your massage is finished   Our massaging hours are between 4pm and Midnight. You can request a specific masseuse (subject to availability). Our aim is to provide a mobile massage service that is as easy for you to use as possible. You have enough stress in your life, so we don’t want to add to it! And because Vessy Massage is exclusively a visiting massage service, we can pass our low overheads onto you in the form of cheap massage prices. Our customers regularly tell us that our masseuses give the best massages they have had before, but that our massage prices are among the cheapest in London.

1 hour


1/2 hours


2 hours


Travel costs are included in the price.  There are absolutely no extra charges.

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What is Mobile Massage and how is it different to salon massage?

Mobile massage (sometimes called ‘home massage’ or ‘visiting massage’) simply refers to a massage service where the masseuse travels to your location, rather than you having to travel to their location. In all other ways the mobile service is just like a traditional massage service – the same highly trained and friendly masseuse, the same feeling of peace and relaxation as your stresses melt away at the end of a long day. The only difference is that you can skip the annoying travelling, before and after your massage – by the time your mobile masseuse is finished, you are already home! Mobile massage is an increasingly popular option in London today because it is just so convenient, particularly among busy young professionals in the Central London area, who often work high-stress jobs for 50 or 60 hours per week. Massage is a great way to unwind for an hour or two at the end of a hard day or a long week. Booking someone a home massage is also a great gift idea – massage is unversally loved, and is one of a very small number of treats that is actually good for you!

Where does a Home Massage take place?

You can enjoy a massage at any suitable venue – whether that is your home, your office, or temporary accommodation such as a hotel room. All that your masseuse needs in order to be able to deliver a relaxing massage experience is a flat area that you can lie on for the massage itself. Typically this might be your bed or a sofa, though you can use the floor instead if you prefer. As long as there is a quiet area with enough space for the massage therapist to move around your body during the massage then almost any location is suitable. The reason that home massages are very popular, of course, is that you don’t need to go anywhere once your massage is finished – unlike a salon massage, you don’t need to suddenly jump up, get dressed and brave the underground, undoing some of the benefit of your massage in the first place!

Can I have a massage at work?

We take a lot of bookings from office workers who want the benefits of being massaged without having to leave their office. Booking an office massage is a great way of reducing stress without taking a lot of time out of your day. You can have a massage in your lunch break if you want. Or, if you are the workaholic type, even carry on working while one of our therapists massages your back. As long as you have a quiet corner we can use, and you can spare an hour or so, then we can handle the rest. Finally, the other popular type of venue we cater for is hotel massage. Particularly popular among people visiting London for a short stay, whether business or pleasure, booking a relaxing massage in the comfort of your hotel room is the ultimate in luxury. Perhaps you are in an unfamiliar part of the city, perhaps you only have a few hours to spare, or perhaps you shopped till you dropped – whatever the reason, we can send one of our friendly masseuses straight over to your hotel. And once you are completely relaxed, you can just continue to enjoy the comforts of your hotel room.

What Types of Massage are Available?

We provide the same range of massage treatments as you would expect to find in a traditional massage service, but delivered direct to your door throughout the capital.  The four most popular massages are: swedish massage (classic massage) – deep tissue massage – aromatherapy massage hot stone massage Other massages are subject to availability.  There is no additional charge for any of the massages – they are all the same low price. However we do ask you to specify what type of massage you would like at the point of booking, so that our masseuse can bring the appropriate oils and equipment. Swedish Massage is one of the best-known massage types in the UK, and with its characteristic gliding and kneading motions it is very effective at reducing aches and pains and stiffness of muscles and joints. In most countries this technique is simply known as ‘classic massage’ or ‘traditional massage’. Swedish massage is generally a lighter more relaxing massage. Swedish massage is definitely “London’s favourite massage”. Deep Tissue Massage is a harder and deeper massage. In most ways it is similar to Swedish massage except that the touch is more powerful. If you like your body to be really worked over when you are massaged then you should choose this one. Aromatherapy Massage uses the calming and relaxing combination of massage techniques and naturally occurring essential oils for a truly indulgent experience. The use of concentrated essential oils in massage has a very long history, and are widely thought to help reduce stress and anxiety. Different massage oils can have different effects, for example to calm or to energise. Hot Stone Massage is a special form of massage where the masseuse uses hot or warm stones in order to apply heat and pressure to certain areas of the body. Typically the hot stones are made from Basalt (which is why the technique is sometimes called ‘lava stone massage’), chosen because they are very smooth and retain heat very effectively. During hot stone massage the masseuse skillfully incorporates the special stones into her massage techniques, allowing the heat to gently penetrate and soothe your tired muscles. If you’ve had quite a few massages before and want to try something different this is highly recommended. It really is a different experience and for many people once they have tried it once they can’t go back! Our masseuses can offer therapeutic massage (also known as remedial massage), where they focus on specific problem areas of your body. For example many people experience relief from back pain following a deep relaxing back massage. If you regularly do a lot of high-impact activities, or if you have just finished something really draining – like a marathon or other road race – then you would benefit from a refreshing sports massage. Leg massage has been shown to ease aches and pains, and aid recovery following intensive sporting activities.

About Our Mobile Massueuses

Vessy Massage have a number of highly-trained and friendly mobile masseuses ready and waiting to visit you today. All our masseuses are extremely professional, with many years of experience in delivering a range of different types of massage. And the best part is that since our masseuses are mobile – you don’t have to leave your couch! From the moment your masseuse arrives at your home or office, she will instantly get to work helping you to relax – setting up a calming environment, lighting candles, and playing soothing music. Your masseuse will discuss any particular requirements you have, taking into account any aches or strains when performing the massage. Feel free to ask for more or less pressure, as your masseuse will be happy to adjust to suit your preference. Click on a picture below for more about our masseuses…

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Book a Mobile Massage in London Today! Vessy Massage provides a mobile massage service throughout the whole of Central London, as well as North, South, East and West London – out as far as Zone 3. Within this area we provide a full visiting massage service, whether to your home, office or hotel. Our home massage service covers all of the main districts of Central London, including:

Zone 1 

City of London



Tower Hamlets







Zone 2 

Hammersmith and Fulham








Imperial Wharf

Zone 3 


Richmond upon Thames



Waltham Forest

To make it easier to quickly check whether we cover your specific location, we are currently developing an interactive database of neighbourhoods where we provide our mobile massage service throughout London. For instance, here are some of the districts we cover in the centre of London:

Central London – Mobile Massage Areas:

Edgware Road



Notting Hill

Hyde Park

Bond Street


Tottenham Court Road



Elephant and Castle

Covent Garden

Kings Cross


and more…

The area we cover is the same as that covered by Zone 1-3 of the Tube Map.  You can check that you are within our catchment area by zooming in on our map below.   

Do you have any questions about our massage service?

If you would like any information or advice about booking your massage, or if you have any questions about the massage itself, please call us, anytime after midday on – 0207 175 0081.